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Counselor Arianne Lilley, known for her ability to harvest edible flowers and wearing a bell on her ankle.

2020 was a year of change and challenge. For Shay, he left Walt Disney Imagineering at the height of the global pandemic unsure of his next step – but fortunately welcomed to the resplendent property of Camp Center Stage in Livermore, Maine.

Shay had been employed by CCS since 2006 as a counselor, mentor, teacher, and all-around Media Guy at programs in New Hampshire, Maine, and Maui. It was here that Shay had often been given room to practice and experiment with his craft, refining his style and workflow over the years.

In the top photo, Shay instructs Aidan Allen (age 12) in the art of Photography. In the bottom photo Aidan Allen (age 18) instructs the next generation of campers in photo and video.
Nights at camp consist of many activities, including talent shows and move nights.

Because of his commitments, Shay missed the 2019 season – but in true camp style found a fast and welcome home in the woods of Maine when it was needed most. In 2020, Shay took on the responsibility of Camp Photographer as well as teaching classes and producing videos – spending the summer’s sessions snapping photos at all times of day and night – processing and producing content for the camp mailings, website, and eventually for the American Camp Association as well.

The decision to open camp for the 2020 season was not taken lightly. The entire curriculum was rethought so as to create pods, or “casts,” so camper exposure and cross-contamination was minimalized if not eliminated for the first two weeks of each session. The grand majority of activities took place outside, masks were required when separate casts were gathered or during camp-wide activities.

Despite the masks, campers were full of smiles and incredibly thankful to spend time – safely – outside and with friends.

Annual long exposure shots of various fires around camp have become a tradition, and such photos are featured in many places on this very website.

Of the 200+ camps in Maine, only 22 opened for the 2020 season. By the end of the summer, there was not a single case of COVID reported across the state’s camp programs. Shay, and CCS, are incredibly proud of this achievement. In these photos you can see how we were able to provide a fun and safe environment to campers, as we have for over a decade and will continue to do for many years to come.

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