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Keep the Peace

Commissioned by Gantom Lighting and Controls, Keep the Peace was a installation designed and built for ScareLA 2017 and served as a hub – both in story and practicality – for a large scale game of ZTag that was played across the entire conference. Shay lead a team of Theme Designers to write the story tying the game into the location – design and build the location, and implement a system of mapped projectors.

The purpose of the area was to harbor a welcoming environment that still conveyed the urgency of the narrative scenario. Within this space, guests were invited to meet the four wardens of the different factions that still thrived in the post apocalyptic world – each one with a unique character and story regarding their journey from four distant spaces in LA, and how they all arrived here to this teetering peace. Guests were shown the technology – ZTag – and sent on their quest to earn their team the most resource points throughout the day.

Keep the Peace explores the relationship between the LA Conference Center, the needs of mankind after a mass disaster, and how play can foster a family environment even inside a giant haunted house. Media combined with live performers and small pieces of interactive technology all worked together to form a game that extended far outside the walls of “Keep the Peace.”

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