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Motion Graphics are an integral piece of every creative project in Themed Entertainment and beyond, particularly in this age of projection mapping and interactive video installations.  The reel above showcases many of Shay’s proudest GFX accomplishments.

Featured Videos:

Pool Balls Credit Sequence: One of Shay’s earliest pieces, this was a credit sequence from his Thesis Film at Ohio University.

AOA Logo: During his time with AOA, he developed a few in-house graphics packages, including this looping 3d animation featured on a Kinoa hologram.  Clip showed here with permission.

Chroma Luma Circuit: A pitch deck put together for a design competition, this animation was featured on the first slide, laying out the story for the proposed attraction.

Lead365 Intro Video: The linked video will show you a bit about this conference Shay has contributed to since its inception in 2015, including promotional material and graphics packages for presentations during the conference itself.

The Demise of the Late, Great Earnest Everett: An interactive installation integrating Arduino, TouchDesigner, and Disguise for the 2018 CalArts Expo.

AOA Studio Display: Another graphics package developed for AOA, this was a display shown on a constant loop in their studio inside a picture frame, running while clients visit the work area.  Clip showed here with permission.

Uncle Vanya in Maine: A series of online advertisements for a staged adaption of Uncle Vanya.  Each video featured a different intro that combined stock footage with film effects and text before proceeding to an interview segment, ending with a common outtro. 

Magic Art: During the COVID crisis of 2020, Shay spent my time building two Magic Art animations to show the type of work he created for Walt Disney Imagineering.  See his process at the link.

FeLo-De-Se: Nominated for Best Local Music Video of the Year, this film was shot over two days and edited over several months.

Feather: A projection-mapped sculpture created in tandem with several groups of artists for the 2018 CalArts Expo.

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